Our Digital Gallery

Digital Gallery

Digital Gallery is a place where you can find samples of the best quality prints that are available in our services.

There is a wide range of products to offer, which includes canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, and many more.

The gallery is representative of what we can do for you, in terms of getting the most trusted sources for high-quality digital printing services in the market.

Occasionally, clients request print sample packs.

What is a print sample pack?

A print sample pack is a package of samples we can be print to show a client what the final product will look like. These are very helpful, also you can show it to clients. Some clients who are not familiar with the process. After that, you can show them examples for their specific needs, hence, it increases the potential revenue.

The print sample pack includes:

-A cover sheet that contains all the information about the project and provides instructions on how to use the samples.

-One or more pages of a single color. Also, we can print on different types of paper. This allows to give an idea of what it will look like in the end.

-One or more pages that showcase a different color scheme and design layout. Furthermore we can also print them on different types of paper for you to compare.

-Following pages with headlines, text, and graphics for marketing campaigns or newsletters.

The digital printing process

You create a digital image, and then we print this image on various materials such paper, fabric, acrylic, and plastic.

We use inkjet printers with large size or high volume to print. A big or small task, simply use our Tempus Cloud publishing service to either create or upload designs. We will create the most professional print outputs.

Digital printing is cheaper than traditional printing techniques, due to the no need to have printing plates to make.

Digital printing may also be done quickly and on demand, and it’s simple to change the graphics for each impression. This technique has gradually started to match the capabilities of offset printing thanks to its significant manual process savings and quickly development of the tech for the machines. Thousands of copies can very quickly.

In conclusion, there is no right product for each need, therefore we suggest you to drop us a line so we can advise for your specific needs.