Push notifications to get your customers to engage more with your website.

How to show push notifications for my clients?

Push notifications is what you need . If you want to clients to get more engaged with your web, you are in the right place. We can handle this for you.

See the above example, in this website, there is a pop up notification. So how the process goes? This is simple. The users clicks allow. Then the company publishes a new content. So the user will see a new pop up. Then the user clicks yes, and engages wit your new content.

Any business with a website can send web push notifications. There is no need for you to create a complex app. We can do this in a simple website. You only have to choose a certain page from your web. When a user clicks on a web push notification, they will see the URL you chose.

How push notifications can help me to generate more revenue?

Is possible to increase revenue by using push notifications? Yes, and we are already doing it. Let us take care of it.

You can keep users interested in your app. They can be set up for retargeting and re-engagement actions. As well as for the distribution of offers, discounts, and notifications of new product releases.

These can be sent up massively to everybody or to a certain segment of your interest.

Catch your customers in real time, while they are visiting your web. Changes are they have a certain need or interest in you, in that moment. That’s why this marketing action helps to convert more than cold emails sent periodically.

Chat vs push notification?

Any chat that allows for a real-time message transmission from sender to recipient is great as long as the company has someone replying instantly or set up a more complex AI chat with specific content for each company. Where both of this options are more feasible in bigger companies, push notifications are more convenient for smaller businesses, easy to set up and budget friendly.

Push notifications